The Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Australia Inc. has a 60+ year mission’s connection with Papua New Guinea and multiple missionaries from Perth have served there over generations: some current Foursquare WA church members are retired PNG missionaries.

Similarly, the Foursquare Church has missionary connections with Indonesia that are 40+ years old, with missionaries serving there for many years training local leaders. Many short-term mission trips to Indonesia have occurred and continue to occur in which training and conference participation occurs.

Don & Angelina Boots’ 11 year Asian ministry to train and build leadership has covered 10 nations. Robin & Rebecca John’s ministry has also covered international and local forums. More recently, mission connections with South Sudan have occurred, connected via Nehemiah Rebuilding Ministries. Other African nations like Uganda, Burundi and South Africa have also benefited from Foursquare WA support and the service of Foursquare WA trained leaders.

Long-term mission work connected to Thailand and Cambodia is upheld by some Foursquare WA churches that financially support Focus Cambodia, Sonshine House charities and English language schools.

Other newer local missions work focuses upon visitation and ministry to aged persons in care homes [the largest growing population demographic], financial support of staff on Mercy Ships, as well as church support of new works in India and Mauritius. Assisting Shalom House fellowship has been a new focus.